A Happy Home Starts with a Happy Cat #CLUMPandSEAL

Newt is our first cat.

Neither John nor I had cats growing up, and so everything we know about cats we’re learning from Newt!

A Happy Home Starts with a Happy Cat | BlogPaws.com

You know the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life”? Whoever coined that phrase didn’t have a cat because the phrase would’ve certainly been about the cat’s happiness above all else!

Here are things that make Newt happy: Playing with Cooper, chewing Emmett’s tail, breakfast, lunch in her puzzle toy, dinner, chasing her laser and stuffed mice, and warm laps.

Here are things that make Newt unhappy: Emmett stepping on her tail, getting fed even 15 seconds late, and a stinky litter box.

We can’t control for Emmett and sometimes we can’t feed her on the dot.

We can, however, keep her litter box clean, fresh, and odor-free. For that, we use ARM & HAMMER™ CLUMP & SEAL™… and here’s why it’s so very important to all of us…


Our cat litter journey starts with this picture:

Newt and CLUMP and SEAL cat litter

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See, in our old house, the litter box was in our bathroom upstairs. We scooped it every day and did a full litter replace and wash of the pan on Sundays, but that odor just lingered with our old litter. Tucked in the upstairs bathroom, it never caused a problem.

In this house, it’s in the thick of things… First off is that door to the left, the one Newt’s sitting in front of. That’s the door that everyone uses to come in the house. With the litter we used to use, you’d walk in the front door and get hit with the distinct litter-box-smell because that little white box beyond the door to the right? That’s Newt’s litter box!

The other BIG problem is that where I’m standing, right across from the box, is in the doorway to the kitchen. A litter box is not the odor you want when you’re cooking!

Instead of focusing on cooking for everyone or playing with Newt and her laser toy or leashing her up to go in the yard with the boys, we would have to scoop the box every single time she went because of the odor.

Then, my mom… innocently sent to the store to pick up litter for us… bought THIS ONE instead of what we were using, and everything changed. This was back in November, and we haven’t gone back since!

Here’s the thing: Newt is totally a “think inside the box” cat. However, if the box is yucky, she lets us know with meows of protest and pacing around her box. That hasn’t been an issue with this litter. We scoop once per day for her comfort, though odor-wise, we could probably go longer. And that’s huge because it saves so much time! Without multiple scoops per day–due to the aforementioned yowling and pacing, not to mention the odor we experienced in the past–it’s a huge relief and we have more time to have more fun with the herd!

And that’s the goal, right?!

Visit your local PetSmart to stock up on the ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL litter that best fits your lifestyle.

For us, it’s this great big green box… which, if you take your husband to PetSmart to help you take pics for a blog post, fair warning that he might mess with you…

Well, John did. I wanted the BIG box, the 28-pound box. It lasts longer, you know? Anyway, I need to emphasize: twentyeight. pounds.

He kept having me redo the photos! “The box is facing the wrong way.” “I didn’t quite get it.” “It was blurry.”

Finally I realized he was teasing, and we checked out. Sigh. 🙂

Buying CLUMP and SEAL at PetSmart

Why this type?

Even after you scoop, bacterial odor can keep growing. The innovative, new MicroGuard technology seals and destroys immediate odor AND prevents the growth of future bacterial odor for 7-day odor control.

We don’t want all that bacterial odor growth because, frankly, it attracts the dogs. Blech. Pretty gross but very true. (Hence the little gate with the cat door you see in the pic above… I think this is a good topic for our next post…)

So, Newt’s happy! We’re happy! And that’s what matters!

Tell us: What cat litter do you use? Have you had any experience with this one? Any tips for getting your dogs DISinterested in litter? (I think that last one I need to tackle in a future post!!)

Visit your local PetSmart to check out the ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL line to pick the cat litter that’s best for your cat.

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How to Love a Cat

A cat is easy to love.

They’re cute. They’re so cute with soft, fluffy fur and big, beautiful eyes.

They’re funny. They’re fun to watch because of how funny they can be: leaping, twisting, turning, crouching, wiggling, pouncing… all at invisible prey.

They’re champion snugglers. How can you do anything but love a fur ball who curls up in one sunny window or on one couch cushion and sleep for five, six, seven hours at a stretch? And then there’s the actual stretching! Cats are yoga masters, and their back bends, forward folds, and–yep–even their down dogs spark smiles and inspire relaxation.

A cat is easy to love.

How to love a cat | OhMyDogBlog.com

But for us humans, we want to be loved back.

There’s the rub… it’s, well, it’s in the rubbing. And the petting and the hugging and the grubby fingers combing that soft, fluffy fur.

See, dogs are easy. They very often–and often to their detriment–work super hard to keep us happy. Cats, on the other hand, expect us to work super hard to keep them happy.

And it’s worth it to work that hard for a cat. Nothing beats a tiny little fuzz ball rubbing your ankles with her chin, purring away. Nothing beats a curled up, zonked out cat on your lap (unless you have to go to the bathroom, but even then… stay still… enjoy it). Nothing beats meeting a cat on her terms to achieve training goals.

Because you have to work so hard, the reward is so great.

Newt is a difficult cat. Or, at least, she is on the surface.

Newt’s reality is that she’s finicky. She likes things a certain way. She likes being pet a certain way and fed a certain way and cuddled a certain way.

So, how do you love a cat?

You love a cat by taking the time to learn what those certain ways are… and then appreciating them for what they are.

You love a cat by accepting that your cat might not like being picked up… and then by not picking her up.

You love a cat by striving not to bend her to your wants and needs and desires, but rather by figuring out what her wants and needs and desires are and finding ways to help her achieve those.

A cat is easy to love.

We humans? We’re a little bit harder.

But that extra effort is worth the purrs.

This last week of September is “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet” Week. I’m not hugely fond of that terminology, to be honest, because I think it stigmatizes perfectly adoptable animals. However, I’m fully aware that black cats like Newt and, really, most shelter cats have a super hard go of things. There are far too many homeless cats of all ages, sizes, and health conditions, and they deserve loving homes. Whether they’re considered “less adoptable” or, in my opinion, perfectly adoptable, they deserve a home.

If you’re looking to add a pet, consider a cat like Newt who would be considered “less adoptable” because you will benefit so greatly from her love.