Positively Pit Bull

Positively Pit Bull is a collection of stories and pictures of all the pit bulls (and mixes, of course!) who grace our lives. These dogs face a lot of prejudice out in the world, so let’s give them their own little Public Relations firm. Let’s collect and share all the wonderful stories about our wonderful dogs!

The Positively Pit Bulls:

  1. Sadie in Portland
    “What I think is the best example of how she is an ambassador is that she is like every other dog and breed in the world.  She is an individual and has her own personality.”
  2. Cici in Seaside, California
    “I feel like I’m traveling with a celebrity. She brings a lot of joy to people.”
  3. Holly in NYC
    “Her joy became my joy and her unconditional love helped me begin to love myself again.”
  4. Kenai in Windsor, CO
    “She has taught us SO much about dogs and dog behavior and the unfair stereotyping that goes in this world.”
  5. Scout in Bloomington, IN
    “Scout is a poster child for tolerance, for being able to adapt, and for being even-tempered. She wants nothing more than to please me and play.”
  6. Kinsley in Dade City, Florida
    “She is sweet, caring, gentle and photogenic. She gets along well with others, including my 2 small shih-tzus, and acts like a lap dog herself. She is also a great listener.”
  7. Emmett in Bloomington, IN
    “I’m proud of Emmett because, regardless all of the training, he’s everything that embodies a positive pit bull: gentle, loyal, exuberant, friendly, and happy, happy, happy!”
  8. Millie and Wonder in Germantown, MD
    “All they know is how to love you… and drown you in kisses!”
  9. Princess in West New York, NJ
    “Our new found love and respect for this breed has made me become a vocal advocate of this breed, and I don’t waste a chance to educate others and share my personal experience with the dog that I love as my best friend…Princess.”
  10. Diamond in Maryland
    “I hope that when someone comments on what a sweet, pretty dog I have and asks what she is, and I tell them she’s a shar-pei mix, probably with some pit bull in her, it changes their perceptions a little bit.”
  11. Brody in Little Rock, Arkansas
    “I was the first thing Brody saw when he opened his eyes almost 9 years ago, and if I can help it, I will be the last thing he sees when he closes his eyes forever.”
  12. Marley in London
    “He is a fun loving, lovable rogue who gets compliments wherever he goes.”
  13. Bella in Los Angeles
    “She has taught me what unconditional love is and made me a better human.”
  14. Ruca in Ashland, Oregon 
    “Anyone who sees that famous pit bull smile can’t help but smile back!”
  15. Your dog could be next! Send me your story!

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