The Pets of Global Pet Expo

Oh, man, you guys. I am beat!

As most of you know, I work from home, so in a typical week, I talk on the phone a handful of times and chat with John in the evenings… nothing like the marathon four-day talk-a-thon that is Global Pet Expo. My throat is only now recovering! Also, I had to wear “work” clothes versus my usual work outfit (yoga pants + t-shirt). How bizarre to go four whole days without getting covered in pet hair!

I’m putting together a recap of some of the products and trends I spotted, but I first wanted to share the pets of Global Pet Expo.

Animal Planet had a mini-Puppy Bowl with adoptable tiny pups! I could’ve spent the entire time watching the little tykes wrestle and nap. The great news is that many of them found homes, one even purportedly went home with the Today Show’s Jill Rappaport.

Puppy Bowl

Then, I met a mastiff, and he weighed 175 pounds! His person told me that he’d reached his full height, but “still had some filling out to do.” Woah.


One of the things that was great about the Expo was that many booths hosted adoptable pets from area shelters. There were puppies, kittens, and ferrets finding forever homes all week long. How great is that?

Oh, and I even met a fur-free pet, an albino snake. Here I am bravely holding its tail…

Maggie handles a snake

But my favorite of all was this handsome Dane with a gorgeous face:

Handsome man

You know I’m a sucker for older men! I later saw him having his picture taken with supermodel Kathy Ireland who was there promoting her new line of pet products. You know you’re good looking if a swimsuit model asks to be photographed with you!

I’ll have more to share with you in the coming days, once I’ve had a chance to sort through and process everything I saw. Plus, this week I’ll have another giveaway, updates on Cooper’s Reactive Rover class, and a video of Newt’s Big Adventure!

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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    What a beautiful snake! He’d have been wrapped around my neck in a heartbeat. And that Dane! Gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time! Global is definitely miles of walking!

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    I’d be a whole lot more comfortable with 175 pounds of dog than 2 and half pounds of snake. Go you touching it and everything. 😉

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    That looks like such a great time. I also love the Dane with the handsome face the best! I can’t wait to hear more about it.

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