Unexpected ways to help animals get adopted

We all want to help animals find loving homes. One way, of course, is to adopt your next pet! But if you’re not currently looking to add to your family, there’s still a lot you can do to help place dogs and cats with their forever families. Here are five ways you can help animals get adopted.

  1. Have an eye for photography? Own a decent camera? You can help get dogs and cats adopted by taking pro-quality photosthat show off the animal’s personality. Better pictures help “sell” adoptable dogs and cats because they appeal to potential adopters.

    Emmett’s actual pic from the shelter’s website… he was one fat boy!
  2. If you’re creative and like to write, donate your talent! Write compelling descriptions of adoptable animals.
  3. Post local adoptables on your social media channels. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are great tools for spreading the word on adoptable animals in your area.
  4. Teach shelter dogs a few tricks. Dogs with a little knowledge are more appealing to potential adopters. Volunteer a few hours of your time each month to teach shelter dogs basic behaviors like sit and stay.
  5. Foster an adoptable pet. You’ll provide a loving home that will help the dog or cat become socialized and adapted, while freeing up space in the shelter for more dogs and cats. Just don’t be a foster failure like me!

This post is part of the Pet ‘Net Adoption Event 2012. Please visit the hub page and check out all the other fabulous posts about pet adoption. Plus, you could help your local shelter win big through the voting module on the Pet ‘Net hub page for visitors to enter their zip code.  Once all the zips are tallied, a $5000 donation from Petside.com will be given to a local animal shelter in the winning community!


  1. says

    Great tips! Working at a surgical specialist hospital, we do a lot of charity work (mainly surgeries) for the local humane society and rescue groups in town. When we get animals in that don’t have homes, many times an employee will adopt them. If not, I always try to think about possible homes that might be a good match or think about other clients who have mentioned wanting to adopt.

  2. says

    Thanks for these great ideas! We never thought about volunteering to write OR teach some basics before. Two of us are rescues and one is a foster failure, so volunteering for shelters and rescues is really important to us. Thanks for your great blog!

  3. Alice says

    Thank you for the great tips! I always share pics and stories of adoptable pets on FB. I wish I could foster but one of my babies is very picky about befriending other dogs.

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