Last-minute Christmas gifts for dog lovers

I have gotten so far behind on my Christmas shopping. I try to do everything online – I’m not a fan of malls! – but with Christmas a few days away, shipping fees are spiking at a lot of online retailers. I combed through some promo emails and releases I’ve received over the last few weeks and found three great gifts for dog lovers that can still be delivered in time for Christmas! So here goes…

1. A good book. Download an inexpensive ebook with a heartwarming dog story. Instant delivery means you won’t pay more in shipping than you did for the gift! (Hint: You don’t need a Kindle to read these either. You can download them to the free Amazon Cloud app and read them through your web browser.)

2. Good smells! I think this one might be more valuable to pet lovers than anyone else. Environmentally-friendly NOse Offense eliminates pet odors. Ages ago the company sent me a trial size, and we tested it in the worst-smelling place: the car. It worked! We now keep the bottle in our glove compartment so that if we ever have to give some poor, unsuspecting person a ride, we can spray it really fast and eliminate most of our dog odors. And! They’ve offered 15% off your purchase for OMD! The code OHMYDOG15 will be valid until 12/26. 

3. Pet safety. Kind Kollars solve a problem we’ve battled for years. I’m going to write a whole post about this later, once we’ve had a chance to put them to the test. But in the meantime, for last-minute shopping, Kind Kollars is offering a 10% discount PLUS free rabies identification number upgrade if you use the code OhMyDog to buy a gift card. 

How many of you are slackers like me, scrambling to finish up some last-minute shopping? Or do some of you fall in the “finished since June” camp?

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