Positively Pit Bull: Meet Brody

Meet Brody!

Can you handle this cuteness?!

Name: Brody

Age:almost 9

City: Little Rock, Arkansas

Favorite things: Loves his stuffing free squeaker toys, his scooby snacks, sleeping, playing with other dogs at doggie day care and people.

Love the tongue sticking out!

Brody’s story, as told by his person Kenny:

I had wanted a dog for the longest time; I knew I truly loved animals. I’m the guy who runs out in the street to save a dog, the guy who calls the police when I see a dog in a hot car, the guy who cringes when he sees a dog chained up outside, and a guy who always got upset at the amount of bad media dogs got on TV, especially pit bulls. I felt this couldn’t be how these dogs really were, and being up for any challenge, I knew this was the breed I wanted. I looked long and hard, and found a breeder that had three generations of pit bulls on his property and encouraged me to come see them. Keep in mind at this time I knew nothing about backyard breeders, death row dogs or any of the number of ways to save animals. I was just a guy who wanted a dog. I drove down and saw the bloodline, and they were the friendliest dogs I had ever seen. The breeder taught me about the breed, and even made me sign a contract that would allow him to stop by unannounced to check on the dog, and remove him from me if he felt the dog was mistreated.

July 11, 2002 – The day my life changed forever. I was over at the breeder’s house watching the pups being born. I had never witnessed this and was in awe. It was an amazing site, and I wanted to learn more about animals. Then I saw this tiny little brown mass come into this world and realized he was a lot smaller than the rest. I was told he was a runt, and that he was going to have a tougher time in life. Well, like I said before, I love to challenge myself. I knew right then and there that I wanted that puppy, and that’s how Brody came into my life. I ended up taking Brody home before he was supposed to be separated from his momma because he was having issues, and the breeder was concerned. I fed this little man with an eye dropper, and he became my life. Brody would sleep in the bed with me, next to my chest and never needed for anything. I knew that this was what was missing. As Brody grew up I was more and more amazed at how this dog could say things with just a look. How could this breed be involved in so much negativity? I needed to find out more, so I started taking my dog everywhere from a young age. Brody was around all breeds of animals and types of people since he was old enough to walk on his own, and I learned that how they act is based on how you raised them.  I had to do something to speak for these dogs, people needed to see what I saw. They had to know that all pit bulls are not evil.

Jan 2004 – I never even heard of BSL before Brody, but found out about it quickly. I’m in the Army, and the chance came up to go to Germany. I had always wanted to go, but was told that I would have to give up Brody in order to do so. This was a lifelong dream, and I went home to think about it. I was sitting on the couch when Brody walked over, jumped on the couch, put his head in my lap and looked at me as if to say, “It’s ok daddy, I understand.” I am man enough to admit that I lost it. I was not giving up my dog for some stupid law, and I was willing to give up my career for the love I had for this animal. I turned down the move, and my boss at the time was understanding and helped me get stationed in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, where there were no BSL laws. Kansas was great, we found a doggie daycare for Brody so he could play all day while my wife and I were working, and we even fought and won when the county tried to pass BSL.

What a handsome boy!

June 2011 – We are now in Little Rock.  Brody is getting up there in years. He’ll be 9 next month, but don’t tell him that. I think he still thinks he’s a puppy. That could be because I had him neutered before he ever had testosterone in his body. He’s been acting like a puppy his whole life. I’ve recently found Twitter, and realized I found another podium for me to speak about the bully breeds. I even have a few celebrities following me because they believe in what I do. We’ll be moving again soon, but like we always do we will check the area and make sure they allow Brody’s breed. We’ll check for a good yard, but only for him to play in. Brody is an inside dog and still sleeps under the covers next to me every night. I don’t know if I will ever be able to own another dog, none will ever compare to Brody. I made this dog a promise that I intend to keep. I promised him that I will always fight for his breed, and I promised him that the world would always know about the kindest dog I have ever known. I was the first thing Brody saw when he opened his eyes almost 9 years ago, and if I can help it, I will be the last thing he sees when he closes his eyes forever.


  1. says

    I really admire your dedication to Brody, and that last quote was so meaningful. I think the best thing about pitties is that no matter how old they get, they are still goofy and think that they’re puppies. Thanks for being such a great advocate for the breed!

  2. says

    Brody has to be one of the most adorable puppies that I have ever seen & he grew into a very handsome adult! Thank you for your dedication to him. I wish that more people felt the way you do about Brody with the animals in their lives.

  3. John says

    That has to be the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen! What a great story. And you know, even dogs from breeders need to find safe, loving homes, and that’s exactly what Brody got. Glad you chose a responsible breeder! Way to go, Kenny!

  4. says

    This is such a wonderful story and its too bad your so far away from me or I may come over a nuzzle with him. You stay dedicated to him and he will to you. When the time comes from Brody to cross the rainbow bridge you have to continue in Brody’s name to save another furfriend that is in need of a Human to carry on in Brody’s name :-) Woof

  5. Kim says

    Kenny, you rock!! thank you for being Brody’s guardian angel and exposing people to the wonders that pitties are!!!

  6. Kenny says

    Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. It’s easy to live with a dog as fantastic as Brody, everyone should be so lucky. Please follow me on twitter @real692 and help be a voice for all bully breed dogs. Please follow Maggie who posted this story for me as well @maggiemarton I truly cannot thank her enough for running this.

  7. says

    Aww! You got me all teary eyed! I don’t honestly think I’ve ever gotten to meet Brody before.. hopefully next time you guys are in Leavenworth again I’ll get to meet him. This is such an inspiring story.. it was the same way with my dog.. (except he’s a border collie) he was the only puppy of a farmdog, and was unwanted at 4 weeks old, and his owners were ready to shoot him before they had to feed another animal. They were ignorant. I taught him how to chew with what little teeth he had.. he’s been by my side ever since. I know what it’s like to love an animal like it was your own son.. & the fact that you turned down a dream PCS move doesn’t really surprise me. You got a lotta heart & you’re the perfect guy to make a change for all dogs out there that get a bad rep.!

  8. says

    What a wonderful dog! You did a great job choosing and raising your dog. If everyone did that there would be no BSL laws, not that there should be. That’s another example of casting a wide net of punishment on all instead of going after the irresponsible people who shouldn’t be allowed to have any living creature in their care!

  9. says

    Tealc’s hooman here…
    What a lovely story, I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes.
    I know what it means to give things up for your dog as I’m living in Sydney at the moment and my husband in Singapore – all for the dog who isn’t allowed in Singapore. But I think they are worth it. Everytime Teal’c looks at me/us when my hubby is here, we know we are doing the right thing.

    Cheers from Sydney

    PS: Why wouldn’t they let you into Germany in 2004? As I was still living there at the time with a Pittie I’m quite sure there was no such thing as BSL?

  10. Kenny says

    Germany passed BSL in July 2001, and the Army passed their BSL law with post housing soon after that. Having never been to Germany, post housing would have been our option at the time.

  11. says

    Brody is such a cutie! We’re Blogging the Change tomorrow about BSL and came over here looking for some info and found Brody! What a wonderful story! Hope it’s okay if we put a link to this and pic of Brody on our post for the Blog the Change tomorrow.

    The Road Dogs

  12. says

    Dear Brody’s Daddy,

    Thank you for such a Most Wonderful story about dear Brody. And thank you for luving him as much as you do and for giving him the kind of life that lots of doggies (especially pitties) can only dream of. I wish all the humans in the world luved their doggies as much as you luv Brody.

    My momma didn’t know much abouts BSL before she adopted me. She knew it was wrong but didn’t know HOW wrong it was. I think maybe someday cuz of peoples like you and my mom and Miss Maggie, humans will learn that they should judge a doggie based on who they ARE, not what they look like.

    Wiggles & Wags,

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