BSL campaign update and call for postcards!!

I’m excited to announce that we’ve hit our first 100 postcards! Thank you, everyone, for all your hard work!

I’d like to toss out a challenge: Can we get another 100 between today and next Tuesday? I think we can! Activate your networks, share the campaign on Twitter and Facebook, I know we can do this! I will commit to making 5 more with some of the bullies from our therapy dog program! Let’s do this!

For a little inspiration, I wanted to share the two most beautiful postcards I received in the mail. These were hand-done in watercolor! I’m so impressed and so proud! I scanned them in, and it doesn’t quite do them justice, but take a look:

Aren’t those amazing? And so many of the postcards that have come in have really powerful, personal messages. I’ve been uploading them to the Facebook Page. (Have you joined the Facebook page yet??)

I’ll keep a daily total between now and next Tuesday – I know we can hit 100 in one week!

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