How would you describe your dog?

So here’s a little secret: John and I talk for Emmett and Lucas. Not to them. Not about them. For them. As in… we’re emptying the dishwasher at 5:30. Emmett is sitting in front of his bowl, huffing. John will say in his Emmett voice, “Stop doing that, people. Feed me my damn dinner.” Or Lucas will be whining because his toy is under the couch, and he can’t reach it. I will say in my Lucas voice, “Life is so haarddd. Lady, get me my toy right noooowwww.” And so on.

Last night we got to talking: Are the things we say for them accurate? How much of what we make up would they really, truly say?

I would venture to say we’re pretty close. Yes, that’s a big leap, but I would also venture to say that I have a very solid understanding of their personalities. Here’s a quick snapshot:


Oh, Emmett. Emmett is stubborn but so sweet, a little Velcro strip stuck to my pant-leg. He’s lazy and has serious food-hoarding issues. But he’ll do absolutely anything we ask of him, especially if there’s a treat involved. Emmett loves being the center of attention, loves meeting new people, loves going new places. Emmett is completely and utterly fearless. He tolerates what he doesn’t like – puppies, not being fed on time – with heavy sighs. But he’s happy, oh, is he happy. He wags his curly tail with his entire body. All he wants out of life is a good snuggle, a tasty snack, and a nice, long nap preferably outside, in the sun, on his back.


Lucas, my little Lucas. Oh, have we had a long road with this one. He’s incredibly smart but so terribly anxious. New things threaten Lucas. He’s ever-vigilant. While he’s terrified of the broom, plastic bags, the vacuum, construction equipment, and so on, he guards this house and us with his entire heart. I am confident that he would overcome his fear of the vacuum if it meant keeping us safe. But he’s impatient if he can’t find his toys. He howls when he doesn’t get his way. But he’s also playful. Put a puppy in the room, and Lucas will play until he drops.  He jumps, leaps, spins, and flings whatever plaything he can find. He hates hugs but implores us to rub his ears and scratch his butt. He’s independent at home, moving from room to room to guard us from every angle. Lucas loves a walk, loves to sniff, to run… oh man, does he love to run. All he wants out of life is to keep everyone safe, slices of American cheese, and lots of scratchings.

Those are my at-a-glance descriptions of the boys. I could go on and on (and on…) about the many facets of their personalities, their habits, their strengths and weaknesses, everything. I truly feel like I know these guys inside and out, to the point where I can predict their behaviors and reactions, and, thus, John and I can speak for them!

But what about you? How would you describe your dog?

I would LOVE to hear how you all describe your dog’s personality. What are his or her traits or characteristics that make him or her uniquely yours?


  1. John says

    Poor Lucas really would have an internal struggle between saving us and facing the vacuum cleaner; “They’re in mortal danger! But what if that loud machine touches me?? I know, ‘WOOF!’.” Of course, Emmett would be thinking, “If the vacuum eats Lucas, can I have his dinner?”

    Lovable pups…

  2. says

    We are coming up on our one year anniversary of adopting Finn. He is a wounded soul, who was fearful, untrusting, a dog who had bad things happen to him. Now he is a content, happier boy, who is getting more and more confident. We are actually barking at the mailman now, and happily greeting new people when we meet them. He still worries sometimes, esp when we go new places (or the VET). But he is learning to trust us more and more. He is a very gentle dog, and very sweet, esp with children.

  3. Matt M. says

    Lucy, The Wonder Dog: Proof that she’s Emmett’s cousin, she is a stubborn beagle. You dropped a bread crumb on the kitchen floor a week ago and didn’t clean the entire room with a mop & bucket? She’s going to sniff every corner of the room until she finds it. You’re cooking dinner? Despite the fit of rage you fly into, she will rish bodily harm and will weave in between you and the counter in the hopes you might drop something. Are you cold or bored? Then Lucy-dog will be more than happy to curl up in your lap or next to you on the love seat. Have you had a rough day and need to hug someone or something just so you don’t go insane? Then pick up Lucy-dog and give her squeezies, kisses, and muzzle-nuzzles until she thinks you’ve had enough, at which point she’ll try to wiggle out of your arms. Did you and your wife just have a baby? May I recommend Lucy-dog to fill the roll of Greatest, Most Well-Adjusted Dog ever? She’ll come get you when he makes the tiniest of noises. She’ll be patient when you don’t give her the attention she’s used to, now that you don’t always have the free time or energy to play with her. Got a free minute and some energy? Then may I recommend a good game of Throw the Toy Down the Hall into the Bedroom? Lucy will go get it, lay down on the floor, and when you come to get her, run past/through you to hide behind the love seat, which turns into a rip-roaring game of Hide & Seek/Catch Her If You Can. Not sure if another dog being walked is well adjusted? Lucy can tell you from 100 paces whether or not a dog has been properly trained by their human. Based on her studies, the vast majority of dogs have humans in desperate need of being trained.

    When it’s all said and done, Lucy the Wonder Dog can drive you crazy. But when someone she knows walks through the door that she knows (especially Cris, my mom, or me), there is no doubt in your mind that she loves you and is thrilled that your there to see her. As a sign of gratitude, she will bring you a pair of my socks that I tied up for her, and she will allow you to play some Tug O’ War. She would also be perfectly fine with you giving her some peanut butter. The little terror may drive me crazy sometimes, but it breaks my heart to think about what our lives would be like without her to give me kisses when I’ve had a rough day. Best. Dog. Ever.

    • Maggie says

      HAHA!!! That’s awesome, Matt! She and Emmett are a lot alike… he would be on top of that errant breadcrumb, too. Although, Emmett isn’t a huge fan of the muzzle-nuzzles, though Lucas is and it’s utterly endearing.

  4. Matt M. says

    And yes, Lucy talks. Most of the time, she has a pretty foul mouth. For example, in a Cockney accent, she politely said, “Would you wanker’s mind puttin’ a cork in that kid o’ yours? The little $*!@ is keepin’ me up all night.”

    Also, when ever Cristin or I ask why she did something, regardless of how big or small the incident or action is, she always responds with a cute, slightly “lispy” child-like voice, saying, “Because I’m a beagle!”

    We always catch a slight hint of playful exasperation when she says it…

  5. Jennifer B. says

    We have had Harper (shar-pei/great dane) for five years now. He is such a lover. He has so much trust in us. He loves playing with his friends whenever he gets a chance.
    We have had Bella (chow chow) for three years. She is pretty much the complete opposite of Harper. She can spend all day looking out the window huffing and puffing at anything that goes by, even if it is just a leaf. She is still very sweet and looks at us with a cute little face she knows that we love.
    We couldn’t imagine our life with out our “chowdren”. They make everything so much better! Glad to know we aren’t the only people that talk for our dogs;)

  6. Molly says

    This is what I always imagine my Taters Tot saying when kids are playing outside:

    “Hey kids! Ya, you guys. This is my yard. Oh my gosh little boy! You just touched a blade of grass on MY yard!

    2 hours later. . .

    “I thought puppies got tired. Seriously. I’ve been giving you my look for two hours! You aren’t you paying attention to me?!?

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